Let me tell you a little bit about how we clean. I've tried several ways over the years and find hands down this is the most effective way. We look at a room as if it were a clock. We start at twelve working in a top to bottom method and continue this all the way around making sure nothing is missed.

There are two complaints we hear over and over again about previous cleaning services. "They spent hours here and didn't even touch the woodwork". Floor boards and window ledges are a major consideration at CLEAN HOUSE. The biggest complaint over all about previous cleaning services is, "they just walked around and used a feather duster at eye level!" We use a mild dusting solution and water in a special cloth to dust all surfaces. This cloth magnetically attracts dust and leaves a dry spotless area behind. This method is extremely effective in leaving the area dust free for days. We will use disinfecting products in bathrooms and kitchen. We provide all cleaning supplies and use our own vacuums. The vacuums do not have bags and are sanitized between appointments. Click on PRICES

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